While it isn’t easy carving your own identity among a herd of people, having someone who shares the same name with you makes things a little more weird. I have selected a name I'd like to use for my new business, but while there is no similar type business in the US with the same name, there is a business in Canada doing almost the exact same thing mine will be doing, that is already using that name. It requires a bit of clarification when speaking of them, but it’s not a big deal. From Behind the Name: "Junior is used to distinguish a son with the same name as his father. When a given name has changed, include initials with in … 9. like-named, having the same name: 相同名字 [xiang1 tong2 ming2 zi4] (the item) named above, aforementioned, cited above, op. Indeed, the Contoso database contains 385 customers with no name. I also thought I wouldn't see two of the same name because I've heard of this happening before (where the directory you see has the same names but in cmd or powershell it has two diff names) but apparently it's not gonna be that easy for me haha. If you go with a popular name, choose one that is not a favorite of boaters in your region. 10. See more. Sometimes people publish under multiple names because of a name change (e.g., transgender authors, authors with a change in marital status). The following conditions apply: The Junior must be a son of the father, not a grandson. The names must be exactly the same, including the middle name. When you explain to other people that you have a friend with the same name, and they just don't get the bond you have and look at you funny when you and your name twin do matching things or are basically the same person. Having the SSIDs have the same name, along with the roaming capabilities of each router/access point (so long as they support those protocols), allows for easy, automatic roaming. I have had a series of friends and boyfriends, that have had the same name that were important stepping stones in my life. cit. A popular boat name might make your vessel easy to recall, but it can confuse other boats in the vicinity with the same name. Just having the same name as a good friend in itself is frickin wonderful and fun. My husband’s sister and sister-in-law (his brother’s wife) have the same first name. hmmm.. Just to add another perspective, even babies with different names in their immediate families, could end up with having the same name as the family grows and changes. The highlighted customers with the same name are displayed in different rows, despite having the same name. The father must still be living. The zero-width space appended to the customer name does not increase the visual length of the name itself. Homonymous definition, of the nature of homonyms; having the same name. Also like, now that I've restarted my PC both of these 3D files have the exact same content. It is seldom relevant to note that two names refer to the same person. Almost like the name takes on a meaningful effect in my life. And, who knows, a real live Mark might appear in your life as well. To avoid confusion, choose a unique but easy-to-remember name.