opacity: 0.20; Balancing School, Family and Work. display: none; } } top: -21px; border-bottom: 7px solid #cc0000; '; The Career Center display: none; } min-height: 286px !important; } color: #fff; width: unset !important; font-size: 14px; cursor: auto; var parent = document.getElementsByClassName("region-header")[0].parentElement; } display: none; The Dunlap Success Center  100 South Woodward Avenue margin-bottom: 0px !important; margin: 5px auto !important; display: block; } padding: 4px 10px !important; } } right: 0; position: absolute; height: 80px; Career Center Workshops. .srgrace #af-form-1557342056 { top: 50% !important; position: relative; margin: 30px 0 15px !important; box-shadow: 0 5px 5px #ffc43930; color: #999 !important; } ]]>, © Florida State University } @media screen and (max-width:769px){ pointer-events: none; } Login as you do now at: jobs.bowvalleycollege.ca. /*--> div.latepoint-lightbox-w.latepoint-w.latepoint-with-summary.latepoint-summary-is-open > div.latepoint-lightbox-i > div > div.latepoint-form-w > form > div.latepoint-body > div > div > div > div > div.os-col-12 { font-size: 18px !important; Career & Employer Services Workshops. background-color: #2d54de; color: #fff; margin-bottom: 0px !important; ul.navbar-nav li:hover ul.dropdown-menu { padding: 10px; text-align: left !important; color: #cc0000; Go to your college career center; meet with a career counselor to talk about what you want to do and what interests you, and learn about how to conduct a successful job search. padding: 10px; font-weight: bold; position: relative; .dp-timeslot.is-booked, .latepoint-w .latepoint-booking-form-element.current-step-datepicker .latepoint-side-panel .latepoint-timezone-selector-w { box-shadow: 0 4px 4px #ffffff !important; background: #cc0000; .os-day-status .day-available { .ht-n-top .ht-notification-wrap, .ht-n-bottom .ht-notification-wrap { width: 290px !important; .latepoint-w .latepoint-booking-form-element.latepoint-color-red .latepoint-summary-w .os-summary-line .os-summary-value { } line-height: 28px; margin-bottom: -25px; } #goTime * { Specifically, work-based learning opportunities can help you: 1. background: #ceb888; Workshops are organized by topic and designed to meet the demands of college-level academics. header#top { .os-monthly-calendar-days .os-day.os-day-current .os-day-box { .page-wrapper { z-index: 777777777; } 11. .srgrace #af-form-1557342056 .af-body label.previewLabel { bottom: -39px; margin: 0 !important; } a.latepoint-btn.latepoint-btn-primary.step-login-existing-customer-btn { color: #fff; FSUshadow connects students with employers, community partners, alumni and friends of the university for one-day shadowing experiences to provide career exposure in a wide variety of fields and industries. Summer Career Workshop Series for Students and Graduates. font-weight: bold !important; Virtual Workshops } For questions, please call (818) 240-1000, ext. background: red !important;