I ate more than he did. "Than" Examples. Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson: Is One Vaccine Better Than the Others? You’ve probably heard some of the most popular ones (e.g., “easier said than done,” “better late than never”) but many may be new to you. And then it's your job to either try to uninstall them (which, in some cases, isn't allowed) or find a pot-addled nephew to delete them in some less than optimum (or less than legal) way. Whether you're a beginner cook or an accomplished chef gravy recipes are a sure way to add some flair to your favorite meals. Try them all to find a favorite. then or than - Confusing words in English - Online Exercise. Than appears in a lot of idioms. For the first day or two, skiing is easier to pick up than snowboarding. How to use than in a sentence. If you answered mostly "no" in the chart above, then you'll likely find the SAT easier than the ACT. Better Than Gravy. Than The word "than" introduces a comparison. The exception in this synonym distinction of than and then is when then is used in if – then clauses, in that case you just have to work your mind a little and remember that in an if – then clause, then with an e is always used. It is found in numerous idiomatic expressions (e.g., easier said than done, more than meets the eye, better safe than sorry). Task No. Many of them, such as “more fun than a barrel of monkeys” or “more dead than alive,” feature comparisons. – Choose the correct forms from the drop down menu. ("Smarter" is a comparative.) More about "Than" and "Then" The words "then" and "than" look similar, but their uses are very different. A) The company has received more than 500 complaints about its meat products. This is largely because skiing is more intuitive for beginners than snowboarding, for two main reasons: Separation: With skiing, your legs remain separated so at low speeds, you can throw one leg out if … Than is used after comparative adjectives and adverbs: . 6323. then or than?? Than definition is - —used as a function word to indicate the second member or the member taken as the point of departure in a comparison expressive of inequality—used with comparative adjectives and comparative adverbs. ; Their car was dirtier than Marco's and Paula's cars. 5-8 points: You can take the ACT or SAT. When to Use "Than" Than is used as a conjunction or preposition to compare items and draw attention to differences. B) The company has received more then 500 complaints about its meat products. According to medical experts, two vaccines currently available in … It is most often seen with comparatives and words like "more," "less," and "fewer." Then vs. than: Then with an e is always used as an adverb to describe a time or sequence of a thing in a sentence. Is than a conjunction or preposition? With the SAT, you don't have to worry about as many geometry questions or a science section, and you'll get more time per question. Craig is smarter than Paul.