And for most people, the Alienware 25 AW2521HF is the best gaming monitor for esports, thanks to … A 4K monitor at 144Hz is the perfect choice for gaming! It's crazy expensive, but if you're after the very best 4K HDR gaming monitor money can buy, the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ is the one to get. Key Features. Load up your favorite game and knock out the competition! Panel Type : VA. National Acer’s new 28-inch 4K 144Hz gaming monitor includes HDMI 2.1 standard – TweakTown. Browse our top 10 list for a snapshot review of the major boons these monitors have to offer. It's also got a massive refresh rate of 200Hz - a rarity for a screen of this size - and superb picture quality. TN panels often have quicker response times than other panel types, which can make them a good choice for fast, competitive esports games, but I've also never had a problem playing games on slower IPS or VA panels. If there is too high a discrepancy between the computer and the monitor, screen tear and ghosting can occur. All rights reserved. It comes with AMD FreeSync for smooth frames and ColorX Light for clear graphics in the midst of battle! Katharine writes about all the bits that go inside your PC so you can carry on playing all those lovely games we like talking about so much. 144Hz Monitor Guide Part I: What is a 144Hz Monitor? The display itself sports 1080P resolution and proprietary Black eQualizer technology for visual clarity and breathtaking cinematics. Description. At a similar price range with the Acer Predator X27, the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ offers similar features to its 4K 144Hz… Sadly, stock levels continue to be a bit on the low side over in the US at the moment, but trust me, this is one monitor that will be worth the wait. Panel Type: IPS. Its variable refresh rate tech also has the added bonus of being compatible with both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, as it's one of the few FreeSync screens that one of Nvidia's officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors, too. Hack and slash dungeon crawler The Slormancer launches in early access, You can now pet the Dragonborn's best friend with this Skyrim pet the dog mod, The Dragonborn's dogs finally get their due, We've been talking, and we think that you should wear clothes, Total coincidence, but we sell some clothes. Naturally, it comes with a 144hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and tear-free graphics. For example, the Predator Z35p comes with four USB3 ports instead just two like its similarly priced rival, the AOC AG352UCG (which I should note has since been replaced by the AG352UCG6 Black Edition, which is effectively the same monitor just with a higher 120Hz refresh rate and black stand instead of silver), and its screen is also a lot brighter, making it more versatile in a wider range of lighting conditions. The best 144Hz gaming monitor. In fact, this monitor sports a HD 1080P display, 1ms response time, and 144hz refresh rate. Sceptre is known for their quality monitors at bargain prices, and this 24” gaming monitor is no exception! Cons. If you’re a fan of curved monitors, this MSI 24” non-glare monitor may be the perfect fit! The large screen boasts a wide 16:9 display, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and QHD resolution for beautiful visuals in-game and out. To view movies … It really brings HDR games like Final Fantasy XV and Assassin's Creed Odyssey to life. Looking for the best 144hz 1440p monitor for all your gaming needs? If your GPU's getting on a bit, for example, it's probably not going to be able to handle much more than playing games at 1920x1080. It's pricey, yes, but it really doesn't get much better than this in the ultrawide category. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut’s changes are uneven, flawed, and wonderful, Sea Of Thieves season 2 starts next week and adds another sneaky emote, Edge Of Eternity is getting a full launch and complete story this summer. For more ultrawide greatness, check out our best ultrawide games on PC round-up. If you want to play games at 1440p or 4K, on the other hand, then you're going to need to dig a lot deeper and get a more powerful graphics card to go with it. IPS Panel. This 24” Asus monitor is the answer! For me, the cool thing is doing things that could only be done in gaming. Respect others, think before you post, and be prepared for puns. It sports a 21:9 curved IPS monitor for unrivaled resolution, crisp colors, and beautiful performance. Still, as Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate monitors go, you could argue the AOC Agon AG353UCG is a better buy than the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ below given it costs roughly the same amount of money and gets you a much bigger screen. Backlight: … Fortunately, it’s a small caveat and well worth it for the incredible benefits the best 144Hz monitors have to offer. Screen Size. Acer Nitro 27-inch 165Hz IPS Gaming Monitor. Then the best 144Hz monitor is the way to go! It sports a 144hz refresh rate with 1ms response time for rapidfire performance. If you like sleek designs that boasts powerful hardware, the BenQ Zowie Esports Gaming Monitor is the choice for you! Its sub-£200 / $200 price makes it a great monitor for those on a budget, and its high refresh rate gives it … There is no doubt that 4k is the best for productivity, but a 144hz monitor is a great option for gaming due to its overclocking rate. You still get the high 144Hz refresh rate and height-adjustable stand on this model, as well as the excellent IPS panel and HDR, too. I also test to see how well a monitor copes with different types of graphics cards if they have AMD Freesync or Nvidia G-Sync support. BenQ PD3220U 31.5" 4K UHD 100% sRGB Calibrated HDR10 IPS Designer Monitor. Its HDR isn't quite as good, but this monitor still has a fantastic panel and costs an identical £399 / $400. Stock levels are pretty low at the moment, but if you can't wait, then its curvy sibling, the AOC C24G1 is an equally good buy at £180 / $199. Plus, it comes packed with additional perks like G-Sync, a 1ms response time, flicker-free backlighting, and more! item 2 ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q Gaming Monitor 27" 144Hz G-SYNC WQHD 2560×1440 2 - ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q Gaming Monitor 27" 144Hz G-SYNC WQHD 2560×1440. It's still pretty expensive as gaming monitors go, but with a feature set like this, who can blame it? Until recently, the BenQ EL2870U occupied my best budget 4K gaming monitor slot, but now the incredible Samsung Space has muscled it aside. The Razer Raptor 27 is the best gaming monitor for 144 Hz refresh rates. To do this, I place my calibrator over their bright, in-game suns to see just how high its brightness levels can go. Consider your situation and find try to find the sweet spot between features and affordability. Not only does this 27in 4K display have exceptional colour accuracy, but it's also got a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz, just like the current pair of Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate displays, Acer's own Predator X27 and the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ, the latter of which you can read more about below. Acer’s new XV282K KV is the company’s first HDMI 2.1-capable monitor, 4K resolution with a super-smooth 144Hz refresh rate. 4K 144Hz monitors have finally released (kind of). The Samsung Space monitor's large, 32in display also gives you loads of room to work and play games on, and its picture quality is pretty much perfect straight out of the box, making it a great 4K gaming monitor for those on a budget. Your email address will not be published. The BenQ Mobiuz EX2710 shares a lot of similar specs to the AOC 24G2U above, but this larger 27in also adds HDR into the mix, and it's far and away one of the best budget HDR screens I've tested in quite some time. Are you unsure of which monitor to choose for your setup? He enjoys crafting game reviews, developing guides, and playing his Nintendo Switch into the wee hours of the night. There are lots of great ultrawide monitors out there, but the Acer Predator Z35p is by far the best one I've tested so far. It's also available in a cheaper ZE model, but the benefit of opting for this ZU variant is that you get a height-adjustable stand and four USB 3.2 ports, which you don't get on the ZE. Best 144Hz 4K Gaming Monitor Screen Size & Aspect Ratio: 27 inches, 16:9 | Panel Type: IPS | Refresh Rate: 144Hz | Response Time (GTG): 1ms | Adaptive-Sync: That's why it's currently my number one recommendation in our £1000 PC build, the RPS Rig, and it's also my top recommendation for those upgrading their monitor from a much older screen. It boasts a beautiful Nano IPS display with a 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, backed up … A 144hz monitor is a desktop display that has a high refresh rate for responsive video graphics. The X27 is still a good choice if you can find it for a good price and don't mind faffing around a bit with its various onboard menu settings, but for me, I much prefer the overall design of the PG27UQ. The best 4k 144hz 1ms gaming monitor list is compiled from brands such as: Dell, LG, Acer, SAMSUNG, BenQ, ASUS, Sceptre, Viotek.This post is based on 45,095 customer reviews. Plus, its intuitive onboard menu system means it's easy to make any last minute adjustments. Get to the high ground. Enjoy vivid details with LG’s gaming monitors. LG 27GN950-B 27inch UltraGear 4K UHD Nano IPS 1ms G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor, 3840x2160, 144Hz, 400nits, 1000:1 Contrast, 16:9 Aspect, 2x HDMI, DP, USB-C, USB3.0 Hub, HDR 600/HDR 10, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, DCI-P 98%, PIP, VESA, Tilt, Height/Adjust, Pivot, 4-Side Borderless Design Expect vivid colors and beautiful picture quality for incredible gaming performance under $200! The AOC 24G2U has an excellent 24in screen, and its fantastic IPS panel covers 99.6% of the standard sRGB colour gamut straight out of the box, meaning you don't have to spend ages tweaking anything to get a great picture. Indeed, unless you're specifically after an HDR monitor to replace your TV in your living room, then it's simply not practical as a general gaming screen. ASUS TUF Gaming FX506LI-HN109T notebook 39.6 cm (15.6") 1920 x 1080 pixels 10th gen Intel® Core™ i7 16 GB DDR4-SDRAM 512 GB SSD NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Windows 10 Home Black. The result? If you play modern titles that are graphically intensive, a 144hz monitor will deliver breathtaking graphics with realistic detail and immersive gameplay. An unrivalled monitor! AU $1,849.00. You'll find everything here from cheap 144Hz displays right up massive 4K mega screens with all the HDR bells and ultrawide whistles on them. Asus Rog Swift PG348Q. If you have more than one computer and you only use one for gaming, … Resolution: 3840×1600. With a crazy high peak brightness level of around 1000cd/m2, this is the finest implementation of HDR I've ever seen. Not only does it have a wonderfully accurate IPS panel, providing rich, vibrant colours, but its peak brightness level is also high enough to make a tangible difference to your overall gaming experience. Display Viewing Area (HxV) : 941.184 x 529.416 mm. Admittedly, its resolution of 1920x1080 isn't best suited to lots of desktop work, but it's doable at a pinch thanks to its strong contrast levels. 144Hz Monitor Guide Part II: Benefits of a 144Hz Monitor, 144Hz Monitor Guide Part III: Choosing the Best 144Hz Monitor, 144Hz Monitor Guide Part IV: Setting Up a 144Hz Monitor, 5 Best Z370 Motherboards for Gaming in 2021, Best Freesync Monitor 2021: Top 10 Options. I also run a few extra tests if I'm testing an HDR monitor. In this post, we’ll discuss why they probably aren’t worth it for most gamers (yet). It's more expensive than the BenQ, but its superior picture quality and ingenious stand arguably make it better value for money overall. With 2 built in speakers and an extensive signal input panel, it’s incredibly adaptable and ready out of the box. It’s showtime! The Acer 24” is a full … Alternatively, if you're also thinking about getting a new graphics card soon, then that can also help you decide what kind of gaming monitor to buy. That's a lot for a monitor of this size and price, and it's arguably much better value for money than some of the larger screens further down on this list. Once you’ve connected to your computer, it’s time to put your new monitor to the test. In other words, the monitor refreshes its display up to 144 times each second to capture your computing experience in vivid frame-by-frame detail. Terms and Conditions. We’ve rounded up the best 144Hz monitors on the market to provide you with a comprehensive look at the top options on the market. The good news is that you can often get both by picking a monitor that's specifically made with gaming in mind, which is why you'll find that almost every screen on my best gaming monitor list has a refresh rate above the standard 60Hz. ... 144Hz Refresh Rate for smooth gameplay. The LG 27GN950-B is the best 4K monitor on the market today. Yes, I could probably do without the LEDs burning a ROG-shaped logo hole in my desk (and ceiling), but it has a more pleasant height-adjustable stand than its Acer rival, and slicker, more premium-looking bezels. 0.5 … With speed, accurate color and high contrast, the LG 27GN950-B is the best 4K gaming monitor and our top recommendation. Plus, it offers a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms motion blur reduction for perfect frame-by-frame quality. In fact, it’s the best cheap 144hz monitor on the market thanks to the 1800R curved display, 1080 resolution, and AMD FreeSync compatible hardware. Here, I use specific scenes in Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Final Fantasy XV to measure a monitor's peak brightness level. The Acer Nitro XV273K is the best 4K gaming monitor for anyone who's been hankering after an Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate display but doesn't have a spare two grand squirrelled away under their mattress. While all Freesync monitors are technically G-Sync compatible (with a small 'c'), some are better suited to it than others. item 1 Asus ROG PG43UQ 43in 4K Gaming Monitor- 3840x2160 16:9 1ms 144Hz G-Sync HDR 1 - Asus ROG PG43UQ 43in 4K Gaming Monitor- 3840x2160 16:9 1ms 144Hz G-Sync HDR. With its Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate support, the AOC Agon AG353UCG can do proper HDR at a peak brightness of over 1000cd/m2 - much like the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ below, only across a much wider display. Free postage. Our pick for best 144hz monitor under $300. The adjustable base, wall mount, and I/O panel finish it off for an adaptable gaming monitor perfect for every major title on the market. It also features a 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time that can handle even the most action-packed games at high FPS. If all that wasn't enough, it's also got a 165Hz refresh rate for high frame rate gaming (provided you've got a beefy enough graphics card, that is - which you'll need if your target is 165fps at 2560x1440). To date, only Acer and Asus have introduced 43-inch gaming monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate, so Gigabyte's Aorus FV43U will be in a good company. However, regardless of whether you're building a new PC from scratch or upgrading from a very old system, a good place to start is to think about the kind of graphics card you have. This isn't always the case with lower-end HDR monitors, and many end up looking exactly the same regardless of whether HDR is switched on or not. The hardware packs in Aura Sync for ambient lighting and Quantum Dot IPS technology for realistic colors and breathtaking graphics. Technically, both monitors share exactly the same panel (which is made by exactly the same manufacturer), but for me, the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ was the more impressive of the two screens when it came to playing games in HDR. Our pick for best 144hz monitor under $200. If you’re seeking one for business or pleasure, a smaller screen might be ideal. ACER Nitro XV273K Specs. Its picture quality is outstanding, covering 99.5% of the sRGB colour gamut and a respectable 87.9% of the HDR-grade DCI-P3 gamut, ensuring images and games look rich and punchy at all times on its default User mode. Please see our code of conduct, where you can find out what "be excellent" means. What's better: fruits, or NPCs saying custom names? Since the best 144hz monitors are designed to provide a streamlined gaming or work flow, every option on our list provides an exceptional experience. The LG UltraGear 27GP950 is a 27-inch 4K gaming monitor, which uses a Nano IPS panel and supports a rapid refresh rate of 144Hz, though LG says it does offer 160Hz through overclocking. Of course, the number of games that support ultrawide resolutions and HDR aren't exactly plentiful right now, so unless you're absolutely adamant about having an ultrawide display with all the bells and whistles then you're probably better off sticking with the Acer Predator Z35p above, or opting for the ultra-ultrawide, FreeSync HDR-enabled Samsung CRG9, which currently costs around £960 / $1200. With so many different options available, it can be hard to say that one monitor in particular is the absolute best of the best. Based on customer data, Phonezoo will make reviews, analyzes and … Gamers, designers, and everyday users alike can benefit from these performance-oriented monitors. The Razer Raptor is also an exceptional 1440p monitor, but comes at a much higher premium. About Every G-Sync Compatible monitor confirmed so far, G-Sync vs Freesync vs G-Sync Compatible: which is best. We're often only talking about a different of a couple of milliseconds here, and most people won't notice the difference whatsoever. Not only does it have exceptional colour accuracy, but it's also a lot more flexible than its FreeSync and G-Sync rivals. It's considerably cheaper than other 27in, 240Hz gaming monitors out there at the moment, and its curved VA panel has superb colour accuracy straight out of the box, meaning you can simply plug it in and start playing without having to spend ages faffing around with the settings. Looking for a consistent on-screen experience with no screen tear or stuttering? ASUS continues to be a frontrunner for innovative technology, from ushering in the world’s first consumer gaming display at 144Hz in 2012, to 1440p resolution Nvidia G-Sync monitors just two years later. In games, everything looks just fine, and I never had trouble reading text or interpreting a game's HUD or UI. By far the best 144hz monitor on our list, the Asus Rog Swift PG27UQ is a 27” 4K UHD behemoth! Looking for a powerful gaming monitor with full HD resolution and great bonus features? Our main commenting rule is "be excellent to each other". ... UltraWide Monitors (4) UHD 4K Monitors (1) Gaming Monitors (15) RRP ($) RRP ($) toggle. Color Saturation : 125% sRGB / DCI-P3 90%. Although if you want the best stupidly ultrawide gaming monitor, then look no further than the Samsung CRG9, which has a massive 49in curved VA panel and a 5120x1440 resolution, which really does look >rather lovely in games such as Red Dead Redemption 2. Newer computers should have a Display Port built-in, but HDMI and VGA adapter cables are very inexpensive if that’s not the case. Privacy Policy The pro-grade stand is ready for action while the connectivity port is loaded with input options. AOC 24G2U specs: Screen size: 24in Resolution: 1920x1080 Panel: IPS Refresh rate: 144Hz Extras: AMD FreeSync, height-adjustable stand Price: £190 / $180 The AOC 24G2U is hands down one of the best gaming monitors I've ever tested. After all, no one wants to spend ages fiddling about with their monitor's menu settings just to get a single game working properly. Screen Size toggle. ... You can pick up a 24" 4k monitor … Okay, but tell me about the cat mount, please. You can also keep up to date with all the best gaming monitor prices in our dedicated and regularly updated gaming monitor deals round-up. AORUS had a special launch event in Vietnam, where multiple products were shown such as motherboards, graphics cards, and monitors. If you've got an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 / GTX 1660 or an AMD Radeon RX 580 / RX 5600 XT, however, then you're probably fairly safe pushing up to 2560x1440, or getting a 1920x1080 monitor with a high refresh rate. The star of the show was the new 43-inch FV43U monitor that was presented by Gigabyte for the first time. This is particularly important if they're not one of Nvidia's officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors. Portable Monitor – Lepow Z1-Black 15.6 Inch Full HD 1080P USB Type-C Computer. Is there anything you should do differently when using a 144Hz monitor vs regular monitor? 2,840 Reviews Scanned Yes, a 1920x1080 resolution isn't ideal on a 27in gaming monitor, but you'll only really notice its low pixel density (how sharp and crisp text and icons look onscreen) when you're using it for work or browsing the web. The highlight of the event was a new 43-inch FV43U monitor, AORUS FV43U.