The MEPs worry that the Commission’s plan to count emissions removals through forests and soil, which absorb carbon dioxide, weakens the proposed target and undermines efforts to slash emissions in sectors such as transport and industry. Thanks for joining us — see you next time! Ursula von der Leyen has great plans for environmental protection. in Munich . When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. It is now up to the member states to take a position on this proposal. Nevertheless, the president did say that “we will soon present an economic recovery package for the Western Balkans focusing on a number of regional investment initiatives.” And while in her political guidelines von der Leyen wrote that “we need further bold steps in the next five years towards a genuine European Defence Union” and specifically referred to the European Defense Fund, today’s speech did not use the word “defense” or “military.” Promoting transparency of EU institutions — one theme mentioned in the political guidelines — also did not make an appearance in the speech. Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Tune in on Thursday to hear how the European Commission plans to actually go about raising the bloc's 2030 emissions reduction target to at least 55 percent. Bill Browder, the activist financier who led the global campaign for “Magnitsky” laws — named for his former colleague Sergei Magnitsky — to sanction human-rights abusers, said that von der Leyen’s pledge shows the EU is finally ready to act. "Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, today in Westminster, was again threatening to invoke Article 16 as well. More EU countries are dropping coal in favor of greener energy sources, and the transport sector is moving more aggressively toward electric motors. “Listening to the extreme-right shows again that there's a fundamental difference … looking at the human being and the individual. The chief of the EU executive was speaking to MEPs in the European Parliament following criticism of the slow roll-out of vaccines and a plan to curb exports that initially sought to set up a hard border on the island of Ireland, causing an outcry in London and Dublin. I hope that we can find common ground at this meeting,” she said in a statement, adding that to “maximize our progress in climate action” was one of the main goals of the German Council presidency. Ursula von der Leyen said in her speech that the Commission would propose revisions to all EU climate and energy legislation next summer. [VIDEO]EU exposed as expert says 'very hard to imagine democratic bloc' [INSIGHT]Brexit HAS weakened the bloc as cracks begin to show [ANALYSIS]. Stromeyer (1927–2002). Brussels will also publish an impact assessment, detailing the calculations supporting a higher target. But Ms Von der Leyen has banned the British Prime Minister from speaking to his French and German counterparts, Angela Merkel and Emmanual Macron. URSULA VON DER LEYEN's apologies for her mistakes in the procurement of vaccines for the bloc was brutally rejected by French MEPs across all sides of the political spectrum. “More and more energy in Europe is generated from wind and the sun. Ursula von der Leyen, the nominee for president of the European Commission, and a defence minister in Germany whose time in office has been plagued by scandals, may have wished for a greater recommendation than that. So I still don't understand why they actually triggered it.". FRENCH MEP Nicholas Bay has lashed out at Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and accused EU technocrats of seeking to 'scapegoat' in the wake of the bloc's vaccine failures. Twenty-five non-governmental organisations from eleven different countries have signed an unprecedented letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, calling for … "And perhaps we were also too certain that the orders would actually be delivered on time. She said: "President, you did not get it right. How do you say Ursula von der Leyen? Though a university commission confirmed that von der Leyen had failed to properly cite the sources for much of the material in her dissertation, it determined that the omissions weren’t intentional and didn’t undermine her central thesis. What concrete steps will you put in place to assure the people of Ireland, north and south, that the delicate situation on the island of Ireland is never threatened like this again?". No. UK demands urgent change to Brexit deal – crisis talks TODAY, Von der Leyen SNUBS Irish MEPs and leaves chamber before questions, EU vaccine: Ursula von der Leyen apologised for mistakes, EU vaccine: von der Leyen admitted EU had been too slow with vaccines, Coronavirus vaccine doses administered in the world as of February 11, EU news: Ursula von der Leyen's apology was not welcomed by MEPs, Coronavirus worldwide latest stats as of February 10, End in sight? Her response to those complaints — moving the EU towards qualified majority voting on sanctions implementation for faster action — is something her predecessor Jean-Claude Juncker also pitched in his 2018 State of the European Union speech. For all her strong words directed at Moscow, von der Leyen didn’t actually say anything new today on sanctions and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. 2 . “The Commission has very good arguments for a new target of 55 percent. Now, in the pandemic era, officials talk about the importance of keeping Schengen open to keep the European single market functioning. Ursula von der Leyen stammt aus der Familie Albrecht und wuchs bis 1971 in Brüssel, anschließend im südöstlich von Hannover gelegenen Ilten auf. The WWF tweeted that those standards are necessary “to ensure quality and consistency & avoid greenwashing!”. RECURRING THEMES: Von der Leyen spoke of reforming the World Trade Organization, a theme she raised in her original political guidelines. newspaper archive. In a speech acknowledging her nomination in Strasbourg, Ursula presented herself as a true internationalist. but that “achieving the even tougher climate targets is possible in principle.”. Sometimes they'll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Ursula von der Leyen was left without a seat at a summit in Ankara on Tuesday after her two male counterparts took the only available chairs, leaving her to perch on a nearby sofa. In a statement, the German Social Democratic Party group in the European Parliament called the plan “unambitious deception.”. And with that, it’s time for POLITICO to wrap its live blog for today. “We will work with Parliament and member states to bring this high up our political agenda and we will propose a new strategy for the future of Schengen,” she said. Speaking on Newstalk's The Hard Shoulder later, Mr Kelleher said the Commission's actions had allowed Article 16 to become a "political football". The Parliament's environment committee last week called for a 60 percent cut, following proposals by Swedish Socialist MEP Jytte Guteland. She can speak English, French and German fluently, and … Environmental campaigners already raised alarm over the proposed plan. Since the end of the "poly crisis" which paralysed Europe for several years, its leaders are now aware that the Union must assert its place and interests in the world race. "I would still sincerely hope that, if there's any accountability, that the commission should outline the timeline. “Even if it is to be welcomed that natural solutions should play a larger role … the proposal for a net target of 55 percent is very disappointing.”. Une légende s’effonfre: @vonderleyen n’est pas francophone: elle parle quasi uniquement anglais dans son premier (et interminable) discours sur l’Etat de l’Union (en allemand pour le numérique). Expert predicts UK could be ‘more or less’ free of Covid, EU scolds UK and orders Boris to follow new trade rules, Von der Leyen humiliated as UK vaccinated more than than ALL of EU, MEP shames EU by holding up redacted document - 'They're in charge! What was written on the fine print in France wasn't that consumers had 1 chance of 8. Sign in to disable ALL ads. "We were too optimistic on mass production. Sur le principe, mais aussi en tant que journaliste d'une radio francophone #SOTEU. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said drugmaker AstraZeneca could face a ban on exports of coronavirus vaccine doses it produces in the EU if it did not meet its delivery obligations. Her father Ernst Albrecht worked as one of the first European civil servants from the establishment of the European Commission in 1958, first as chef de cabinet to the European commissioner for competition Hans von der Groeben in the Hallstein Commission, and then as director-general of the Directorate-General for Compe… More concrete details may soon come from foreign policy chief Josep Borrell: Enough MEPs have signed on to demand an oral response on how exactly the EU intends to strengthen its sanctions protection mechanism and respond to U.S. sanctions targeting European businesses working on the pipeline. The European External Action Service (the EU’s diplomatic arm) was charged with starting work on it. At that point, German far-right politician Jörg Meuthen from the Alternative for Germany intervened, saying, “My god, what is that rubbish you are saying.”, Von der Leyen responded that, “It makes him angry, because we got him on the point,” telling Meuthen: “You are preaching hate.”, POLITICO photo illustration/Source images by Getty. Von der Leyen talked about the need for a “fully functioning Schengen area of free movement” in the context of tearing “down the barriers of the Single Market.”. MISSING: With the outlines of the EU’s seven-year budget largely set, von der Leyen’s speech did not reference a range of earlier pledges she made to strive for increased spending in areas like Erasmus and external action. “A legend collapses: @vonderleyen is not French-speaking: she speaks almost only in English in her first (and endless speech) on the State of the Union (in German for digital topics). Quatre phrases en français au début…, Alain Franco, a reporter at the Swiss broadcaster RTS, described the decision to speak almost exclusively in English as “a bit excessive.”, Je ne suis pas un ayatollah de l'usage du français dans l'UE mais 45 mn de discours de @vonderleyen quasiment exclusivement en anglais, à part quelques mots en français, c'est un peu exagéré, non? European commission president Ursula von der Leyen made the announcement on March 5 after speaking with US president Joe Biden on several topics, including its economic relationship. ", READ MORE: Von der Leyen humiliated as UK vaccinated more than than ALL of EU. He said: "The Northern Ireland Protocol and Article 16 is included for very, very obvious reasons, they're very sensitive reasons as well. Avoiding a border between EU member Ireland and British-ruled Northern Ireland is seen as key to protecting the peace process there. Four sentences in French at the beginning…” tweeted Libération journalist Jean Quatremer. Mit Olli durch die Bundeswehr – in dieser Folge verbringt Olli einen Tag mit Ursula von der Leyen. Familienministerin Ursula von der Leyen ist die ersten Jahre zweisprachig in Brüssel aufgewachsen und spricht deshalb fließend Französisch. Von der Leyen then quoted former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher speaking in 1975 to members of her own party: “Britain does not break treaties. "Who decided it, why was it decided and how it actually came about that there wasn't a red flag raised at some level in the commission. Von der Leyen has won some warm words from sustainable-finance advocates with her goal of using green bonds to raise 30 percent of the €750 billion recovery fund. Mrs von der Leyen, who has also spoken at five groupings of MEPs over the past 10 days, said 26 million vaccine doses had been delivered and that, by the end of the summer, 70 percent of adults in the 27-nation bloc should have been inoculated. In the political guidelines, von der Leyen pledged that “within the first 100 days of my mandate, I will propose a legal instrument to ensure that every worker in our Union has a fair minimum wage.”. Irish MEPs in Brussels have said more clarity is needed on how the clause came to be triggered by the commission. The European Commission President acknowledged failings on Wednesday in the EU's approval and rollout of vaccines against COVID-19 and said the bloc had learned lessons in the process. "I mean it just wasn't happening. European Commission chief outlined plans for year ahead. It improves our health and wellbeing, and grows our economy in a sustainable way,” tweeted Green Deal chief Frans Timmermans, adding he and Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson will “detail how we will get there” on Thursday. She also repeated her earlier pledge to propose a digital tax if no global solution is found, and to put forward a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. She had served as Minister of Defence of Germany from 2013 to 2019. Er weicht ihr nicht von der Seite. Commission work programs already show a new EU sanctions mechanism is due for presentation in early 2021 — which some have decried as too little, too late. In adopting such a stance, he backed Ursula von der Leyen’s European Commission, which has said vaccine exports would be blocked until AstraZeneca delivers the shots it … German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze — who'll oversee negotiations among EU countries to increase the bloc's 2030 climate target — today backed von der Leyen's plans and called on EU countries to swiftly agree a new goal. The Commission chief also reviewed her first nine months in office, which have been dominated by the coronavirus crisis. Es war Ursula von der Leyens erste Rede zur Lage der Europäischen Union seit sie Präsidentin der EU Kommission ist. Europe . Carmakers and associated suppliers employ more than 800,000 people in Germany alone, putting jobs are risk if the transition to battery cars — which Diess reckons is the only option for a clean mobility transition — is handled badly. Officials used to stress that the EU needed a common migration policy to save Schengen, as a new migration crisis could trigger the reintroduction of internal border controls. But what qualifies? Some of her ideas have long been propagated by France, but have been ignored by Germany so far. But her mea culpa did not prove to be sufficient to squash criticism from French politicians who promptly took to Twitter to attack the EU chief. info); née Albrecht, 8 October 1958) is a German politician. "These are fundamental questions because we do need to put in place mechanisms to ensure that commissions in the future will not make similar mistakes. Ursula von der Leyen’s State of the Union speech was an unabashed declaration that English now reigns supreme among the 24 languages of the European Union. Unfortunately, by the European Commission invoking Article 16, it has been. Mrs von der Leyen said mistakes were also made leading up to the decision on export curbs. Von der Leyen’s speech contained some proposals that echo her 2019 political guidelines for the new Commission — and also omitted some old themes. Check against delivery . Will Ursula von der Leyen sink or swim in Brussels’ top job? Some French-speaking journalists criticized the lack of French — one of the EU’s official languages — by Ursula von der Leyen in her speech. She told Germany's Funke Media Group in an interview published Saturday that the EU had the "possibility" to ban exports. Von der Leyen threatens AstraZeneca with vaccine export… March 20, 2021. Some have criticized the Commission for not going further than a 55 percent cut to emissions compared to 1990 levels. There have been numerous delays and obstacles over the last decade as certain EU officials tried to placate Putin, but the Navalny poisoning made type of appeasement politically untenable,” he said. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express "We are playing with a very sensitive issue on the island of Ireland.". Burkhardt also criticized that the Commission didn’t assess the implications of a cut beyond 55 percent. Fianna Fail's Billy Kelleher said: "How was the decision arrived at, who made the decision, and why? PROMISES NEED RESEARCH INVESTMENT, SAY UNIVERSITIES. They only had 1 chance out of 8 per sticker. Spanish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge Teresa Ribera called the Commission's new 2030 climate target “ambitious” and key to maintaining the EU's international climate leadership position. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has no shortage of challenges facing her as she begins her tenure. However, Mrs von der Leyen defended the Commission's oversight and added that "in the end we got it right". EU chief Ursula von der Leyen says expediting 10 million doses will give Member States "room to maneuver," after several EU countries halted the use of the AstraZeneca shot. Brussels has expressed dismay after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen found herself without an equal place to sit at top level talks in Turkey. “Raising our 2030 target to -55% is realistic. This unprecedented event is just one of the challenges facing Europe "in an unstable world in which too many powers are speaking of confrontation and unilateralism," to quote Ursula von der Leyen. But a lot has happened in the past six years, and Schulze suggested that’s helping to change political calculations. The costs have fallen steadily and the technology is constantly improving,” she said. Europe . The bloc’s research and education systems need stronger financial support if the ambitions of Ursula von der Leyen’s speech are to be realized, the European University Association’s Amanda Crowfoot said in reaction. She told Parliament: "And yet it is a fact that we are not today where we want to be in the fight against the virus. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said drugmaker AstraZeneca could face a ban on exports of coronavirus vaccine doses it produces in the EU if . Express. OVERDUE: Von der Leyen today said that the Commission will put forward a legal proposal to support member states to set up a framework for minimum wages. She is a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Much more in the full analysis here. In this word cloud, the red words are from von der Leyen's speech, the blue words are from Jean-Claude Juncker's State of the EU speech in 2018. Ernst Albrecht war bis 1971 für die EG tätig, zuletzt als Generaldirektor. Von der Leyen's remarks on the border-free Schengen zone represent a change in emphasis from senior EU officials. That comes after EU leaders reduced the budget for the Horizon Europe research program from an earlier proposal in their July budget deal, as part of the €1.8 trillion budget and recovery package agreed. “We will enhance emissions trading, boost renewables, improve energy efficiency, reform energy taxation,” she said, adding: “The mission of the European Green Deal involves much more than cutting emissions. The European Union is failing.”. Speaking again following the interventions from the leaders of the different political groups, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke out against far-right, anti-migrant politics.

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